James Moran - Director

A member of the Director’s Guild of America since 2000, Moran got his start in the trenches in 1993 as a Set Production Assistant on the TV series “Sea Quest” in Orlando, Florida. He soon earned the privilege of working on the Tom Hanks produced “From the Earth to the Moon” and Adam Sandler comedy “The Waterboy.” As a 2nd Assistant Director, Moran further honed his craft, lending his talents to “Punch Drunk Love,” “Prom Night,” “Quarantine,” and the hit WB series “Gilmore Girls” – where Moran took the helm as 1st AD.

Having worked under such greats as Hanks, Paul Thomas Anderson, Frank Darabont, Frank Marshall, Sally Field, Tony Scott, Renny Harlin and Jonathan Mostow, Moran has worked with a diverse range of styles and techniques. His 2003 feature co-directorial debut, “Revelation and the Atomic Wedgie” took the Audience Award, Best Screenplay and 2nd Place overall in Atlanta’s 48 Hour Film Project. “Wedgie” also went on the receive awards at the New York Film and Video Festival and the International Festival of Cinema and Technology.

He teamed up with Actor/Writer Glenn Taranto ("The New Addams Family", "Stolen") and Michael DeLuise ("Wayne's World", "Gilmore Girls") to direct and bring Mr. Taranto's one man play "Quid Pro Quo" to the screen. Along with the "Quid Pro Quo" producing team they were able to bring veteran character actor Bruce Kirby ("Stand by Me", "The Sopranos") to the cast.

Currently James and TruMac Films are in post production on "Lost Rites: Aegeria" starring Johnathon Schaech ("That Thing You Do", "Quarantine"), Emily Kuroda ("Gilmore girls") and Paula Shaw ("Freddy vs Jason"). "Lost Rites" Aegeria" began as a comic book concept brought to TruMac Films buy ex-Disney Animator David Edgerly. Together with Pander Productions the project was brought to life in 2009 and will soon make it's debut.

James and TruMac Films also recently teamed up with The Ales | Gilchrist Machine (John Ales and Trevor Gilchrist) to produce and shoot "The Rescues: Live at the Troubadour" in June of 2010. With this teaming, "The Rescues" were caught in their element and shined thru in all their glory.
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