Lost Rites: Aegeria
Part 1: "Lost Rites: Aegeria" follows one night in the secret life of a morally embattled clergyman. Deacon James is assigned to a role (and rules) falling outside of the official church by a secret Vatican society aimed at protecting humanity from a dark underworld of ancient mythical gods and deities. As a committed man of the cloth, he must do what he has been assigned - to uphold the monotheistic ideal in the belief of One True God. Although Deacon James must seek out and take the life of the Deity's human host, that's the easy part, he must then face the awakened Deity Aegeria and exterminate her from humanity forever.

Based on a comic book concept by former Disney Animator, David Edgerly, and brought to the screen by TruMac Films' James Moran, "Lost Rites" is set in a world where ancient mythical gods and deities are not just myths, but reality. Throughout the years, these deities have lost their loyal worshipers ,and hence, lost their power as gods -- becoming more like the mortals that once worshiped them. Since they are still technically gods, the soul lies dormant in a mortal host and is unknowingly passed on through the generations. Recently, some of these deities have begun to have an awakening and someone must quiet them before the world learns the truth. This becomes Deacon James' mission.

"Lost Rites: Aegeria" is just the first of several chapters of "Lost Rites" that explores how Deacon James realizes his mission and what he must do to protect the world from these awakened deities. Along the way, he runs into Zeus and Thor living quietly amongst the mortals, promising to keep their secret. As the story progresses, deeper insights into the secret Vatican Society are revealed that tracks the ancient deity awakenings that dictate James' life.

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The Rescues: Live From the Troubadour
Los Angeles based band "The Rescues" recently released their debut album "Let Loose The Horses" and to celebrate they performed at the historic Troubadour in West Hollywood. "The Rescues" ( is made up of the very talented Kyler England, Rob Giles, Adrianne Gonzalez and Gabriel Mann contacted us to film the entire show and create 5 videos from the performance. TruMac Films partnered up with The Ales | Gilchrist Machine to capture the energy and talent of "The Rescues" on film.

Cooking with Mary (Web Series)
Los Angeles based Chef Mary Payne Moran tackles culinary subjects from the basics ("How to Hold a Knife") to the extraordinary ("Sunset Taverna: Santorini"). "Cooking with Mary" episodes are available YouTube under ChefMPM.

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